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Our Services

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Mineral Exploration Targeting

We develop process-driven, conceptual models to identify and enhance understanding of your mineral exploration targets by offering Detailed to regional-scale geological mapping, Structural geology and alteration analysis,Mineral system analysis and ore-body modelling,Regional exploration potential assessment,Knowledge-driven targeting (fuzzy logic).

Remote Sensing and Geophysics

We interpret Geo-Physics data using a sound structural geological understanding to provide informed, integrated interpretations that can be directly applied to exploration targeting by offering these services:Drone-Magnetic surveys, self-potential (SP) and Induced polarization (IP),Interpretation of Geophysical and satellite imagery data to produce structural and geological maps that help target deposits,Interpretation of 2D and 3D

Exploration Geochemistry

Geochemical survey involves sampling many media types, including soil,stream sediment, heavy mineral concentrates, and kimberlitic indicator minerals.We offer Exploration geochemical program design and review,Orientation studies to determine suitable sampling media and analytical methods,Exploration geo-metallurgy,Sampling program implementation and supervision,Data analysis and target generation from geochemical results.

Field Structural Analysis

By leveraging our specializations in 3D modeling and geophysical interpretation, we ensure that any analysis is strongly applied and not just theoretical.We offer Field structural analysis at deposit- to regional-scales and On-site training in structural geology and acquisition of structural data related to project sites in mineral exploration.

Exploration Sampling and Analysis

We offer the following services:Development of QA/QC procedures to monitor sample recovery, preparation, and analysis at mines and commercial laboratories, Optimisation of sample lengths, volumes, weights, and compositing strategies, Optimisation of sample methodologies and collection procedures, Replication of sampling and analyses to increase sample grade precision.

Mineral Exploration Project Planning

Our experts are experienced in designing, scheduling, and costing as well as implementing and supporting exploration programmes.Our services and solutions include capturing, validating, analysing,Geophysical and geochemical exploration programme planning and management,Geotechnical engineering and monitoring, managing technical data then communicating the results with precision and clarity.

Mineral Exploration Field Services

Our services include providing full turn-key project management, Drilling contracting and contract management,Geological and structural field mapping, Regolith mapping, Artisanal mining reviewsLogging, sampling, QA/QC, and chain of custody implementation, Ground geophysical survey design and data acquisition, Geochemical sampling programming, QA/QC protocol design, Onsite staff training

Exploration Project Audit and Valuation

Mineral asset valuation and techno-economic modelling are required inputs for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, project financing, tax and duty assessments, regulatory compliance, litigation, and compensation. Our services include Exploration project valuation, Independent technical reporting, Competent Person's reporting, Licensing agreement evaluation, Portfolio assessment, Gap analysis

Drone Magnetics

We provide them to allow miners to access areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach. By flying into remote locations, drones can provide detailed views of the terrain, as well as collect data on the composition of rocks and minerals.Drones offer a range of benefits, including cost savings, increased safety, and improved efficiency, improved environmental monitoring by collecting baseline data, detecting hazardous gases and loose rock, and monitoring open pits.

Geology Resources

We find, delineate, and estimate the size and quality of mineral deposits using tools that minimize risks, cut costs, and reduce time frames. Our services include Structural Geology, 3D Geological Modelling, Mineral Resource Estimation, Mine Site Operational Assistance

Ground Magnetics

Ground magnetic surveys measure rock magnetism, they can help find minerals that aren't magnetic, including gold.Our process covers more ground safely, with the largest fleet of magnetometers and crew, using both in-house industry standard software for our data processing, interpreting and reporting.

IP Surveys

lnduced Polarization (IP) is a geophysical method usewd in mineral exploration.This method makes it possible to estimate not only the resistivity distribution but also the chargeability distribution of the underground remotely using the surface electromagnetic (EM) data.

Resistivity Survey

Resistivity survey involves laying out a series of electrodes.Resistivity survey are suitable for:Investigation of shear zones, dykes, conductive, clay filled or resistive quartz formations. These formations may host the desired mineral, Mapping depth to bedrock and bedrock topography and investigations of lithology.

Prospecting and Pegging

We provide prospecting and pegging of a territory as part of geo analysis. It is the search for minerals, fossils, precious metals, or mineral specimens. It is also known as fossicking and physically pegging the area.